Marketing Project For A Medical Equipment Loan Company.

As a self employed marketing consultant, my number one goal is to assist clients and help them with various projects and needs they may have.

Not every client needs the same thing. You would think that each one would come in and say I am looking for additional business but that is always not the case. Each client has different needs and I will chronicle each of them and give ways I am helping and working with them to keep them as satisfied clients.

My main client is Small Business Loans Depot.  This company is based out of Tucker, GA and my initial goals are to help them in their re-branding process and work with them to achieve a stable line of business and  steady client base.

This is somewhat difficult due to the various number of industries that they are able to service.  Small Business Loans Depot mainly focuses on help their doctor and dentist clients that are seeking funding for their businesses.

While working with Small Business Loans Depot, the goal is to find interested parties who are seeking alternative funding and letting them know the service is available with little or no hassle due to improved streamlined application processes that have changed for the better over the years.

In today’s crowded internet market this is a difficult task.  There are so many established companies out there the only thing that will separate most companies today is effective marketing on the internet and good service once the potential new client is obtained.

Our project with Small Business Loans is a very interesting one that is going well at this point due to the fact that I have gotten very good feedback from contacts who have let me know I have a great client in Small Business Loans Depot and they are very easy to work with, very knowledgeable with 12 years of experience.

As a marketing consultant this helps me to find new business and other clients once I show that I am able to get results through my work.



About medicaldentalequipmentloanblog

I enjoy working on marketing projects and my family. Goal is to earn as much as possible to do the things I enjoy.
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