Happy 4th of July, 2011. Marketing To Businesses Over Holidays? Yes or No.

From what I’ve noticed when small businesses are looking to grow more than likely there is a chance they are going through a stage where just because they need revenue coming in holidays are somewhat of an annoyance.

Most of corporate America works hard during the year and holidays are similar to what we see in sports as a time-out where all companies shut down and the playing field is equalized where no one has an unfair advantage.  The only industries that truly work over holidays are the ones that  unless are geared toward vacationing and holidays, ie; ice cream parlors, amusement parks, even something as simple as a hot dog vendor on a beach would want to take advantage of working a holiday.  During Christmas break it is understandable that a retailer would want to be open the night before Christmas or even the day of. 

On the other hand you have the “Type A” CEO’s and company leaders of small and upcoming companies who are expecting their workers to work until the last minute of the day prior to the holiday or holiday weekend sending out e-blasts or finishing a telemarketing project to leave messages.

My instincts that I’ve acquired over the past years tells me it is best to just lay low over the holidays and if one must work it should be kept to a minimum and on the planning stage only.

It is very annoying to see e-blasts from companies inviting me to this or that or trying to pitch me over my down time where I don’t want to even think about anything corporate.

Whenever I receive marketing from companies for example on the week of Christmas, the 1st thing I think is wow, they must really be desperate for money?

This is my opinion but from what I’ve discussed with others regarding this subject, they’ve been in agreement about companies trying to market their business over holidays.

So from a consulting aspect when my clients ask me to sent out an e-blast of course it is their money and if they want to spend by all means you cannot stop them.  However, as a consultant you have to let them know and remind the client that not everyone is a eager or desperate to do business over the holidays as they are.


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