When you are in…

When you are in need of cash for your business contact Small Business Loans Depot for a 1 page application and equipment list is typically the only required info for this type of asset based loan.

In a bank statement loan programs, the equipment or real estate asset is sold for cash. The seller receives cash and leases the equipment back, remaining in possession of the asset the entire time. As the transaction is set up in part as a lease, significant tax advantages are commonly realized.

Cash Flow Loans, Leaseback programs. Great Way to purchase new and used equipment for your business.

Small business Loans Depot receives many inquiries regarding our Bank Statement loan program through which helps to generate assets and additional cash flow. Your business generates revenue by using assets, not owning them. Turn untapped dormant equity in your company’s assets into cash today. Credit requirements are often far more lenient that traditional bank financing.

Ed Rogers Small Business Loans Depot 919-771-4177 


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